Nickel is a metal element, denoted as Ni and having the atomic number 28. It is hard, ductile, corrosion-resistant and has a silvery-white colour with a golden tinge. It is mainly used as an alloy in many consumer products, including stainless steel, rechargeable batteries, coins and magnets. It is also used for electroplating and as a green glass tinting agent.

Indonesia ranked first in the world in nickel exports in 2018, followed by the Philippines, New Caledonia and Zimbabwe. Indonesian exports reached US$628 million, accounting for over 21% of global exports. Total nickel production in Indonesia was 560,000 MT, while the country’s reserves are estimated at 21 million MT.

Mercury Commercial is able to supply Indonesian nickel ore of 1.66% content. Indonesian mining companies are currently only allowed to export a maximum of 5.2 million MT of nickel ore per year, of a nickel content not exceeding 1.69%. Note also that Indonesia plans to prohibit the export of unprocessed nickel ore in 2022.